Entertain world

find out how

get creative

with text, image or video

Snetch is funny and entertaining way to share your life and creativity with friends through text, photos and short videos.


Get started by writing a short story , snapping a funny shot or just filming the best moments of your life.

get editing

with limitless possibilities

Then edit them with our endless customisation possibilities, from cool filters and colours to text and video editing.  


We build with the principles of "we are all the same but different in the same way". We want to allow everyone to create a place they and only they want, by offering highly personalisable profiles and posts.

get sharing

with friends & social media

Once you have edited your content your way, now it's time to get snetching - let's get you noticed by sharing your post with friends, social media channels and start getting those interactions. 


At Snetch  it's all about you and only you, not stupid algorithms or followers, everyone can be a star here.

get noticed

get paid

The more interractions, likes, shares and comments you get on your content, the more you get noticed and the bigger star you become.

With Snetch you have 24 hours to get as many interractions as possible to launch your content's stardom, then you get paid based on the interractions and content's engagement.

Place where creativity has no limits


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